Kaul Lanshinwan is the Pillar of the No Peak Clan. He is the eldest sibling in the Kaul's youngest generation.

Biography Edit

Lan was born the first son of the Kaul family, heir to one of Kekon's most respected legacy. As the grandson of Kaul Sen, The Torch of Kekon, he was expected to inherit the title of Pillar from a young age.

He was one of the first pupils to attend the Kaul Dushuron Academy (named for his father) for Green Bone warriors, and graduated among the top of his class.

Lan became the Pillar of No Peak prior to the events of Jade City, after his grandfather retired from the role. Some time after he became Pillar, the stress of the position resulted in his divorce from his ex-wife, Eyni.

Personality Edit

Lan is steadfast and thoughtful, and considered by many to be an effective peace-time Pillar. His siblings, Hilo and Shae, often rely on him to resolve their differences. Lan is devoted to both the No Peak Clan and his immediate family, although he has a tendency to shoulder many of his personal problems in isolation.

Abilities Edit

As a Green Bone warrior, Lan has the ability to use jade as an amplifier to enhance his combat abilities and perception. Given his position as the Pillar of the No Peak Clan, Lan wears a significant amount of jade as a symbol of his power.

Appearance Edit

Since childhood, people have remarked that Lan greatly resembled his deceased father, Kaul Du. The weight of his father and grandfather's legacy was a cause of discomfort for the young Pillar.

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